1) период
а) интервал; промежуток
б) промежуток времени, охватывающий все стадии процесса или события
в) пространственный период (напр. функции); длина волны; шаг
г) временной период (напр. функции); такт
д) период дроби
е) связный текст в форме одного предложения
ж) музыкальная форма
2) точка (1. знак препинания 2. символ .) || ставить точку; использовать символ .
- base period
- blocking period
- building-up period
- burn-in period
- clock period
- constant failure rate period
- contention period
- debugging period
- digit period
- domain period
- early-failure period
- error-free running period
- estimation period
- field blanking period
- field period
- flyback period
- forward period
- frame period
- free period
- full period
- guard period
- half-line period
- holding period
- horizontal blanking pulse period
- hunting period
- idle period
- infant mortality period
- instrument period
- inverse period
- latent period
- line period
- lingering period
- natural period
- normal operating period
- normal-failure period
- off period
- on period
- one-half period
- order period
- period of grating
- picture period
- positive nonconducting period
- primitive period
- pulse-repetition period
- quiescent period
- read period
- recording period
- recovery period
- refractory period
- regeneration period
- reorder period
- retention period
- reverberation period
- reverse period
- sampling period
- scan period
- silent period
- spatial period
- storage cycle period
- transient period
- vertical blanking pulse period
- vertical retrace period
- wave period
- wear-out failure period
- write period

The New English-Russian Dictionary of Radio-electronics. . 2005.

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